Woman Empowerment Program

How The Program Works

With the incorporation of motivational speaking, dance, music, yoga and self defense for beginners this Woman Empowerment program will be one to remember. Please note this program is only available to ladies.


Motivational Speaking

Self Defense


Program Details:

  • Duration of program is between 3- 4 hours
  • Capacity is between 10 to 80 people
  • Program is suitable for ladies 18 years and older
  • R200 per lady, discount for larger groups
  • Please bring along your own yoga mat
  • Location supplied for groups of up to 20 ladies
  • Once booking is confirmed, further details will be provided


 Every Tuesdays

Morning session: Beginner Kundalini & Ishta Yoga

  •  08:00am to 09:00am 

Evening session: Beginner to Moderate Kundalini & Ishta yoga

  • 18:00pm to 19:00am
  • Venue:Dance Cafe

(8 Milcliff Road, Paulshof)

Contact me directly to book attendance of classes.

Try new things

Children's Books

My Shinning Little Star

This book is about 2 young boys Tim and Cody. Tim is happy all the time and Cody wants to be just like his friend Tim. One day as Cody was over Tim’s house, Tim shows him something miraculous outside the window. “What could it be?” Cody is surprised, excited and shocked. He learns from his friend Tim. Cody then wakes up the happiest little boy. The moral of story Pray+ Believe=Miracles

The Girl With The Crown

The Girl with the crown

The book is about an extraordinary girl named Jasmine. Jasmine is being teased and bullied at school. Although she tries to be brave, deep down she feels alone and does not know who to turn to, until she meets Sienna.

Sienna teaches Jasmine to stand up for herself, but not in the way that you think.

Thanks to the lessons that she learns from her friend Sienna, Jasmine becomes a pillar of strength for other young women and girls in her community. As she grows into a young woman, she learns about success. She also learns about failure. She learns that sometimes she will win the crown, but there are times that she won’t. When she understands that failure is not always a bad thing, she really begins to shine.

This book will teach you how to believe in yourself- just like Jasmine did- so that you too can stand in your own power, and become the sparkle in other people’s lives.